Creamy Comfort: Comfort in a Jar

You might have guessed by the shape of my body that I probably have a sweet tooth. I’m not exactly Skinny Minnie. You might also have heard me complain about my “pouch”, but I’ve made my peace. The fat and I have come to an agreement that as long as I keep my calories down and let it cry in sweat once in a while, we’ll get a long just fine. And yes, I do love me some desserts! I love it so much that I would gladly forgo breakfast and lunch (not dinner) just to save some calories and have dessert. I kid you not.

I tend to gravitate towards the not-so-creamy textured kind of desserts. Stuff like salted caramel eclairs or cheesecake or Indonesia’s all-time favorite, the infamous, Martabak Manis. One bite of the creamy ones kind of makes me feel like my hips just got instantly larger. But today, I let myself indulge in a cup (okay, two!) of Creamy Comfort.


My uber talented friends concocted this monster of a dessert. Scrumptious layer of graham cracker biscuits, topped with delicious mousse layer or custard, topped again with fluffy sweet whipped cream. When they say that “every forkful is comforting” they weren’t kidding. We just need to dig our forks in deep until it hits the bottom of the jar, without reservation, to enjoy all of its goodness and reap all of its comfort. (Well, that and calling a friend and telling her about your experience and then having her tell you that there are only 2 calories in that cup. She will lie to you. But who cares? That’s comfort!)

I tried three of their flavors since they sent me home with a box yesterday. (I am not kidding you, I don’t waste any time when it comes to desserts!) Sticky Toffee Date (yum!), Smores Pie (double yum! It takes me back to my childhood… with a twinge of alcohol) and Banoffee (crazy good… I’m talking orgasmic here!) I want to tell you that the Banoffee is my absolute favorite. But then I thought about that Sticky Toffee Date and the pretty way it melted in my mouth and I contemplated. And to think there are still many other flavors I need to melt again in my mouth: Cookies & Cream, English Trifle, Black Russian Pie, Mudslide and their newest creation, Strawberry Champagne. I’m not sure how many breakfasts and lunch I’m going to have to skip to accommodate all of this! But I can tell you this, they will all be absolutely worth it!

For more information on their delicious flavors and irresistible packages, head on over to or email to or call/whatsapp to +628161868060

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