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Have you ever heard of the song, Miracle, by Celine Dion? It was my first pregnancy soundtrack.

I kind of got the idea that this song was about babies. Other than the obvious video clip she did with Anne Geddes, the photographer known for her work with sleeping babies, I actually felt the love of a mother. And that’s probably why I played this song repeatedly throughout my pregnancy and why I listened to the lyrics with great intent – to understand what a mother’s love meant to a mother. To wrap my brain and my heart on the idea of loving a child.

There were words and sentences that didn’t make any sense to me at the time. “Everything I’ve done that’s good”? “with a romance that is pure of heart, you are my dearest part?” “Forget my own, your needs will come before”? What was Celine talking about? Sure, every time my baby kicked my stomach, my heart skipped a beat. But what was this love that she talked about? I hadn’t the faintest idea.

Until I met her. The moment I laid eyes on my newborn daughter, all the words from this song, the words I had spent a few months meditating on, came crashing into me like tidal waves. And suddenly, I understood.

She is my miracle. She is every good that I have ever done in life. She is my angel and the nearest thing to heaven I will ever get. She is the reason I am here and there is nothing she can ever do to make me stop loving her.

I understand. The romance, the raw feeling of a mother’s opened heart, the shift of life focus, from living for me to living for she… I understand it all. Celine got it all right. It is special and perfect. But more than that, it is a privilege. That’s what a mother’s love means to a mother.

This song became my soundtrack during my first, my second, and my third pregnancy. With every pregnancy, it felt like it was the first time, because every time a child is born, a mother is born… and a mother’s love meant something new.

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