A Pink Pamper Party for M1’s 7th Birthday

Here’s the low-down on me and parties:

a) I am skewed towards intimate parties where we can chat and bond with 6-10 of our closest friends.

b) I am more of a DDIY kinda of girl – as in Don’t Do It Yourself.

c) Hassle-free is my motto for life as it is for parties.

I’ve taught my children about “how to party”, giving them understanding from early on that they need to carefully assemble a guest list because the intimate the better. Unless, it’s a class party that lasts for 15 minutes during break time.

M1 has obviously grown out of the let’s-celebrate-with-everyone-in-class-for-fifteen-minutes phase and wanted a theme party. So, for her 7th birthday, being the little diva that she is, she naturally chose “Salon Party” where she’d invite a group of 7 girls (well, 6 invitees + 1 birthday girl). I thought about it for a while, and said to myself “that can be done.”

We found the perfect salon, close by to where we live. The Beauty Bar in Bintaro is a lovely place – arguably the best hair salon in Bintaro. They’ve got a private room we could book and a special package for the treatments. We got two hours of cream bath and massage, nail art on both hands and feet and simple hair styling. (The moms who waited got their hair done as well, so it was a win-win.)

I got the girls matching bathrobes at Pesona Handuk in ITC BSD and flip flops from Payless. Don’t they look adorable?

As for the really simple decor, I got the pink banner, bottle labels and party favor tags free printable from How To Nest For Less. They’ve got a lovely collection, save in PDF, and print at Snappy. Hassle-free.

The cake was, of course, courtesy of Waroeng Roti (thank you, Mister!). I got the sprinkle cake idea from Pinterest and got one custom-made. Cream cheese frosting, yum!

To watch the girls get pampered all pretty in pink was a joy entirely on its own. I really wouldn’t mind doing it all over again. Would you just look at them? Aren’t they just the cutest little beings you’ve ever seen?

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