Momsolutions: Resolutions for Moms

A brand new year is upon us. Usually, in these first few days of the year, people are filling their minds with the things they want to do and declaring resolutions to everyone they meet. Work harder, eat healthier, exercise more, whine less… people are feeling pumped up and determined to become a better versions of themselves. But what about moms, the women who are usually thinking about other people other than themselves? What are the things that we can do to become better moms?

Here are five things I can think of at the top of my mind:

  1. Keep learning. Parenting is a continuous process. Don’t stop learning and educating yourself. Don’t be too “grown up” to learn from your children because the smallest people in the room are usually the wisest and your children can teach you a lot of things.
  2. Tell yourself you’re doing a good job. Always make the time to give yourself some credit. Give yourself a pat on the back sometimes and tell yourself that you’re a good mom. Cut yourself some slack because everything doesn’t have to be perfect every time. (So what if beds aren’t made once in a while? We’ve never heard of people dying of an unmade bed, am I right?)
  3. Forgive yourself. Even when you lose your temper once in a while. Even if you forget something. Even when you lost sight of what is important. Forgive yourself… a lot! Nobody is perfect anyway.
  4. Pay a little more attention to the husband. When you’re not doing the 1001 things on your list every day, or when you’re not busy taking care of the children, try to remind yourself that you were a wife first before you became a mother and that it would be nice to spend some time with your best friend, aka the man you assume is always able to take care of himself. 
  5. Don’t forget about you. I know that you’re the last person you think about and that you are a good mom who spends most of her waking hour thinking about her children. But what about you? What about the things that you like to do? A part of being a mom is to be a well-rounded person that is also well-taken care of. So, while you’re busy taking care of everybody else, don’t forget to take care of you. 

Happy new year. I wish that a whole lot of happiness and exciting adventures are waiting for you in 2016.



2015-10-09 12.05.16

Knit Dress: Zara | Outerwear: Divided by H&M | Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run 

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