Words. And that time I almost gave up.

Ied. The most anticipated long holiday in the country. Also known as the holiday filled with the most worry. Why? Because nannies and domestic assistants will go back to their hometowns and leave us for at least ten days to celebrate this most anticipated long holiday. And when the holiday is over, we are left to wonder if they will ever come back and if we could go back to life as we know it as planned. 

Call me super spoiled, because yes, that I am. But like all brave moms out there, I looked forward to this holiday with great enthusiasm. (At least, I tried to.) I submitted my work early, cleared off my schedule a few days before our nanny and domestic assistant left us, and had my mind set on being my own version of a super mom for at least a week.

I thought to myself, “This isn’t the first for me.” And I was sure I could do it.

I thought wrong.

About three days in, I started complaining about the dust and about how the house just don’t feel clean enough. The next day, laundry. The next day, about M3’s eating habit and how he won’t seem to sit still. And the day after that, the car battle – also known as M1 and M2’s consistent bickering that commences as soon as they enter the car that doesn’t cease until they are out.

I gotta tell you, that last bickering did it for me. I’ve had enough. I was convinced myself that I couldn’t do this. No, sir. I wasn’t cut out for this. This wasn’t for me. I was ready to just call in reinforcements. Say goodbye to New Yorker Mama dreams missy because I would gladly pay good money for our dear nanny to come back.

But you know what sent me back? Words of encouragement.

That afternoon, the Mister told me how lucky he was to have me on his team, that I was doing a fantastic job raising the kids, and that he would take them for a while to give me some room to breathe. (I’m pretty sure that steam was visibly coming out of my ears because he isn’t usually the most sensitive dude. Usually.)

There is nothing better than positive words coming out of someone dear to you. It meant something to me. And it reminded me again of why this holiday is such a blessing for our family.

We take the routine chores for granted when actually it’s during those routine chores that we bond with our children best. It’s during that time that we get to teach our children (even more) about doing things for themselves and helping around the house.

Well, I’m glad to say that everything went smoothly thereafter. I started to take things easy and slowly, and if you asked my children, I think that they’ll tell you that they like this Mama better.

Our dear nanny isn’t back yet, though. We’re still waiting to hear from her and secretly, nervously anticipating her return. It’s been more than two weeks of juggling between household stuff, work deadlines, and the kids’ schedules, but I’m happy to report that everything is a-okay on the home front, even though our floors might not be the cleanest on the block.

If there’s one point I want to make in the midst of all this babble, it’s this: words do wonders, especially when they come out from people you hold dear. When you find yourselves being knocked out of your comfort zones, remember to be kind to each other, and you’ll make it through.

For you who are still anticipating the return of your domestic assistants, hang in there. We’ve got this! *fist bump* And for those of you whose assistants are back, you lucky person, you!

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