Writing The Stories of Our Lives



Hi! I’m Maya.

I am a chatterbox and a storyteller, but according to MBTI 16 personalities test, I am also an introvert. (Yeah, go figure!) I am a communications specialist slash copywriter who dreams of being a Tai-tai (which, as explained by Wikipedia, is a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy married woman who does not need to work.) I love my job, but I would much rather do what I love not for school fees or other necessities but for something bigger (like shoes or holidays or world peace).


I live in a home filled with enchanting people. I married The Mister, a cuddly polar bear, also known as The Big Friendly Giant by his children. We are proud parents of three wonderful children. M1 is our beautiful fairy princess, a little ballerina/singer/dancer/artist/all of the above in the making. M2 is our little super hero who pulled out his wiggly tooth with his bare hands just to avoid a visit to the dentist, or in other words, a game changer. And in January 2013, we welcomed M3, the strong-willed child who learns from experience (and who also convinced us that we knew nothing about parenting!)


We do hugs, cuddles, kisses and we do loud really well. We are planners who try hard to be spontaneous. We celebrate small wins, tiny successes and weave dreams for our babies as we watch them sleep (unless, of course, we fall asleep faster than they do).

I started this blog to document the stories that make up our lives – our beautiful dreams, our marriage and parenting journey, our growing faiths, our everyday adventures, and about living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Putting things down on paper always made me feel better, and to read the words that I’ve written is like going on a time machine. Experience is a great teacher, they say. I want my children to know my story, to know of the joys they bring me, to understand why I do the things that I do (and that Mom isn’t always so crazy!) I want them to know me, so, I write. I know that my brain would never be able to contain all these stories (because, heck, I can’t even remember where I left my phone or my keys). I write, so I can remember and so that I can tell my children about my journey. These early years, these so-called golden years, they will not remember. When time has passed and we’re old, our memories would have failed us and we would have nothing to tell them, our children would have only seen the end result of our parenting (or think that The Mister and I are crazy people who emotionally broke them in the parenting process). They wouldn’t have known of the journey. I write, so they may know.

Back in Grade 4, my friends used to sing out to me from the monkey bars, “Mama, Mama Maya, we wish you joy… we wish you joy!” That kind of stuck with me, and hence, the name of this blog. It might just well be a prophecy if you ask me.

We’re not perfect. We’re not even close. But we do love a good chat. So, welcome. And thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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